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Life Choices :  Blue Print for Personal Success

Termination Script

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Induction – Deepening – Subject – Termination


Now, return to full awareness.

Begin to move up the stairway on 1, take the first step, gradually returning to full awareness as you journey up the stairs, moving to

2, with your hand firmly on the banister rail, you’re safe.

3, the mist is slowly leaving, gently move upwards.

4, moving ever upwards, coming up, yet remaining calm and safe.

5, replacing the shoes you may have left behind, and on

6, coming up, coming up, and allowing that feeling of security and alpha calmness to remain with you.

On 7 coming up, coming up.

8, gradually returning to full awareness, remaining calm and at peace with your world.

9, nearly there now, and on 10, standing at the top of the beautiful stairway, knowing you can return to your special place to that place which is safe for you.

Eyes awakening now, crystal clarity coming back into the awareness.

Eyes opening, eyes opening, just wiggle your toes and rub your hands, eyes opening, allowing the circulation to return to that which is healthy for you.

Coming up, coming up, take some deep breaths now, eyes opening, wide awake, wide awake.

Fully aware yet calm and relaxed.

Sit quietly for a moment, allow the physical body to re-adjust to its surroundings, yet retain the blue print of memory.

You have chosen the gifts of love and self esteem, happiness & freedom. Remember as you believe in, so do you see out, as you think so you are.

This is YOUR Blueprint for Change, embrace the energy, practice the procedures and the life you were born to live with all its choices, happiness, freedom and abundance will be yours. Your gift to yourself – you deserve it…
And day by day, in every way, ‘It’ gets better and better.