Visual Floaters

by © 2003 by Craig R. Lang

The following is a generic script which I adapt to help people (including myself) to manage visual floaters. This particular script uses the metaphor of a piece of filtering technology which removes those pesky visual companions. I have found it to be useful imagery to make those spots disappear. As with every script, it works best when tailored to meet the needs of you or your client. I invite you to try this script out, either on your own, or with a client. Please feel free to contact me and let me know how it works, and to give me any suggestions, feedback, etc.



Finding or returning to your own special place of relaxation, beginning to settle in – enjoying the comfort of this special place, I invite you to sit or lay back and relax as you begin to settle into a pleasant relaxing hypnotic trance… Taking a deep breath, hold it, let it slowly go, as it takes away with it the cares of the day.

And taking another deep breath, hold it… and let it slowly go.

And another time, breathing in, hold it, and let it go – carrying away the tensions, stresses and cares of the day.

Feeling yourself settling deeper into the place where you are sitting or lying, you can imagine your upper eyelids gently resting against your lower eyelids – relaxing deeply now… …And you can find yourself drifting into a very deep, pleasant state of trance.

As you relax deeply now, you find this same deep gentle relaxation, arising within your body, beginning from below, and rising up until you become more and more relaxed.

<Progressive relaxation – feet to shoulders, arms to finger tips, shoulders to crown or another form of deepening>

Path Deepening

Perhaps you can imagine that you are in a field, or a forest clearing, or some other wonderful place, …outdoors where it is pleasant, calm and relaxing I wonder if you can feel the deep warmth of the sun, shining down, warming the world with its golden rays And perhaps you can see the colors that surround you – maybe the greens of plants, …the many-colored flowers, and the blue of the sky.

Perhaps you can hear the sound of a brook nearby, or maybe the wind whispering past.

Maybe you can even feel the gentle breeze on your face.

See yourself deeply relaxed here, as ahead of you, you observe a path. As you begin to walk down this path, through this beautiful place, you find yourself going deeper and deeper into trance As your subconscious begins to prepare to do what it knows is the important work which you wish to accomplish today.

While your consciousness is aware of the beauty of this path in nature, your subconscious is doing its wonderful preparations for what you will accomplish today.

While your consciousness takes you further down this path, deeply, deeply relaxed and comfortable

Entering the room

… Your path now takes you to a special place. Perhaps an entrance, perhaps a hall, or perhaps a special room You may notice that this room is special. It is there for you, unique to you, because it is part of you You may even notice how this room is part of your own mind, your own soul, your own person.

Seeing from the room

You find that as you enter this room, you can see out from it, in a special way.

The view may be through a view screen, a camera, on a video monitor, maybe some magical medium … or some other way especially right for you.

As you look, you find that you can observe the outside world. All of your external perceptions are available to this special place, because this place is the central place of your vision, your perception.

From this place, through this medium, you look at, your life, your mind You can observe your outside world, seeing it, understanding it, clearly.

And you can imagine that this is the view as it is when your eyes see it.

Envisioning how you can look out and understand the world, clearly seeing the truth as your physical eyes see it.

You may begin to notice how you will be able to adjust the view from the room, to see views of the world.

Opening Eyes

You find that as you remain deep in trance, you are able to briefly open your eyes.

You begin to notice that the view from this room within your inner being is, in fact, the view through your eyes… With this knowledge, your eyes again close, and you find yourself going deeper yet into trance.

The Filter

As you look out through this special means of observing… You begin to notice that there are special ways to adjust your view. There are special filters, special tools which allow you to adjust the view you see, … to avoid or ignore those things in the field of vision which are not real.

Removing the Spots

Looking out through your special viewer, you note the outside world, … and you also notice those unwanted artifacts which get in the way of your view of the world.

And you may already know that one of these special tools is able to remove these unwanted/unreal things from your field of vision.

This special filter is one which can remove those unwanted visual artifacts which you wish to remove.

As you imagine this filter being turned on, you notice that the artifacts begin to fade just a little bit.

You turn up the filter just a bit more and notice that they further fade.

You continue to turn up the filter and notice that the artifacts fade more and more …until they are almost imperceptible

Anchoring the Pattern

You begin once again to observe the unwanted things in your visual field.

And once again, as you turn up the filter, these artifacts begin once again to vanish.

…and I invite you to in some way, touch two fingers together in some way that’s right for you.

…Deep within you, you can know how this is a reminder to your inner mind that it can activate the filter.

As you touch your fingers together, you can feel the filter increasing in strength …Those unwanted spots just beginning to fade and vanish.

And within you, you know that any time you want to, you can invoke this filter – observing how these spots disappear.

And as the spots begin to disappear, you remember the words in your mind:


Repeating the pattern

You are able to look out of your special viewer – …that part of your inner vision which presents your core being with that which is seen by your physical eyes.

Once again, at some point, you begin to notice the spots reappearing in your field of view.

And once again, you begin to touch your fingers together, and hear the words:

YOU HAVE A FILTER IN YOUR MIND THAT REMOVES UNWANTED SPOTS FROM YOUR FIELD OF VISION You begin to see the spots disappearing from your field of vision.

You continue to touch your fingers together, turning up the volume of the filter, You continue repeating the words:

YOU HAVE A FILTER IN YOUR MIND THAT REMOVES UNWANTED SPOTS FROM YOUR FIELD OF VISION And the spots become fainter, and fainter, and fainter, until they may even begin to disappear altogether.

Suggestions for Invoking

And I wonder if you might begin to invite yourself to remember …how any time in which these unwanted things begin to appear, you will invoke this special filter.

At whatever time this might be, as you notice these things appear, …you can remember to increase your filter until they again to disappear again Completion And with this new knowledge, you find that in the future you will be able to use this filter.

And this knowledge you may find yourself feeling better, and better, and better… You realize that this knowledge may better help to free yourself from these spots, … allowing you to feel ever better, perhaps even than you have felt in a long time.

Feeling so much better, you find yourself coming out of the room, …while leaving yourself with the ability at any time …to return to this special place deep within your own mind, your own soul, your own self Path from the Room As you exit the room, you begin to return along that path which brought you to this wonderful place.

…knowing ever more that you have this wonderful new tool to help you with your visual field …Exiting, returning, arriving at the outside… …Returning to the outside world – the world of greater conscious awareness… Returning from the Hall You find that you can learn what your subconscious seeks here in this place.

You spend a moment more with that one final medium of knowledge Turning from this place, exiting, and returning Exiting, returning, arriving at the outside… Returning to the outside world – the world of conscious awareness.

Count Out

Now, after your wonderful journey, you find that you are ready to return to full conscious awareness.

And on the count of five, you find that you will emerge from trance, refreshed, relaxed and aware:

1- Beginning to emerge, bringing with you the special gifts of your journey
2- A little more out of trance – Becoming aware of sounds in the background
3- Half way out of trance –feeling the air on your face, the sense of your surroundings
4- Almost all the way out of trance, bringing with you the special gifts from your journey
5- Opening your eyes, refreshed relaxed and aware – perhaps feeling better, wiser and more enlightened than you may have felt in a long, long time.

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