Past Life Regression

(You must have somnambulism)


“In a moment I will pick up your right hand and count to 3 and drop it down. When it touches down, you begin traveling backwards in time. You become younger and younger, back to the time of your birth and continue traveling backwards in time until you arrive into a different lifetime.” (Repeat 2 or 3 times.)


(Picking up hand) “Ready now… .1… .2… .3”


(Dropping the hand) “You are traveling backwards in time – getting younger and younger and younger – back to the time of your birth – back before you were born. Continue traveling backwards in time until you arrive into a different lifetime.


(Pause approximately 3 seconds and then tap on your client’s forehead.) Is it daytime or nighttime? Where you are?” (Get a response) “Are you inside or outside?” Etc.


Explore each scene and move to the next as appropriate.


End session with… “in a moment I will count from one to five. On the number five… return to the office (or wherever you started from) eyes closed and deeply relaxed.”

© Howard Hamilton



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