Pain Control

(WARNING : Pain is an important part of living as it tells us there is a problem. Only use hypnosis if you have first sought out every possibility  from mainstream medical to alternative therapy and you have been advised that no more can be done to help.)

Pain is a warning device from you body.

You do not need to be warned about that specific pain any more. Other warnings that may be needed occur as needed.

In this specific case you know the problem is there and you are correcting it.

If you need to know about a change, if you need to be warned, you will feel a tingling in the area instead.

You will then see that any new problem is taken care of.

You no longer feel any pain connected with that specific pain but this in no way alters your warning pain signals for any other reason.

I want you now to concentrate a healing light in the area where you desire the pain to go away and stay away.

Set up rapid and instantaneous healing with the healing light.

Feel all tension leaving the area.

All pain is completely gone from the area.

Feeling soothed, relaxed and painless.

As though the entire area has been anesthetized without taking away any motor response what-so-ever.

You have complete muscle and motor response but that specific area has no pain.

Do no call back that pain.

You do not need it.

You do not want it.

It no longer belongs to you.

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