Health – The Car Metaphor

Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI

(This metaphor is for healthy food as “fuel”, proper maintenance and the need to “work the engine”, the metabolism)

And as you continue to drift away to the sound of my voice…you know that just like the vehicle you drive…or some machine you may know…there are certain requirements for peak performance and for the life of that machine…and the vehicle which you live in…your body…this physical machine…the most complex machine we know of… has special requirements for peak performance and continued healthy life…

You know we can always replace that car or truck or vehicle…though it may be difficult…but there is no replacement for the magnificent and precious vehicle we travel this life in…your body…and it requires certain attention, maintenance and fuel…and you feel this responsibility now…because you have great levels of pride and self respect. Now I know you wouldn’t put diesel fuel in your car if it required regular gas…that would cause harm and danger…but that is what you have been doing to your body…feeding it the wrong fuel causing harm and danger…And I know you wouldn’t put rubber into your break lines or sand into your oil because you would cause serious damage to the engine…and just like that engine…your body…we don’t know all the working parts but we know what we need to maintain it properly for peak performance and for a long life…

You now are motivated toward proper maintenance of your body giving it the proper fuel it requires…Nature’s fuel for the body is food and you now know that food is fuel and has purpose…. noticing those delicious, healthy nutritious natural foods… Nature’s healthy colors…red, orange, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple… all of those natural requirements that you enjoy for peak performance and expedited weight loss… as excess weight continues to decrease daily.

I know you would never drive looking backward… you would cause harm and danger… but you have been living looking backward… and you now know that the past is over and done… it has served it’s purpose to you as a learning experience and as your older more mature and wiser self… you use the past and know what not to do and what you now will do… to remove and eliminate all of those harmful fatty, greasy, oily, sugary sweet foods and to allow only the healthy nutritious helpful foods in the body…

Healthy, nutritious, clean food as fuel for peak performance as Nature intended… this gives you a great increase of self respect, pride, confidence, value and worth… and just like the way we wash and clean our vehicle and give it the proper maintenance… you now take great pride in the maintenance of your body… your vehicle… and exercise your right to use this machine daily to strengthen all of it’s working parts…

Just like a peak performance race car… we know if it sits and is not used it will rot and rust…. and you now feel a tremendous motivation at a very deep level … unconsciously motivated through your heightened desire to feel better in all ways… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually… as you move all parts of the body…. all muscles, joints, tissues, tendons… every cell of your body healthier, stronger and feeling free to move… free to grow and develop as a thinner, healthier, trimmer you… and in that same way… that deep level of knowing…. this will be and now all things are possible for you… and will happen as you exercise your right to feel better… look better and act as you have desired.

You are Nature and Nature is you and all things in Nature move… the ocean, the animals, the wind… plants move and all living things as you are alive, free and refreshed and invigorated… you move in all ways… each and every day… You have closed the door on the old way of being… on the old way of feeling… and now move forward with great speed and confidence… as all changes happen… burning those stored fat cells and eliminating all excess weight from the body… as you tone and strengthen muscle and muscle eats fat… this motivates you even more than ever before to allow muscles to tone and eat the fat away… all of these suggestions are working on a deep level and you will react exactly as I have suggested for your personal reasons… to feel better mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually every moment of every day.

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