by Collin Rosati

And relaxing even deeper now, even more at peace with yourself and the world around you… I’d like you to imagine yourself in a beautiful paradise. Now, it does not matter if this is a place that maybe you have once visited… or perhaps this is a place that you have always wanted to visit… or maybe this is a paradise that you have heard about. And it really does not matter even if this beautiful, cozy, peaceful sanctuary of yours is a real place or a creation of your powerful and creative subconscious imagination. And as you continue to relax even deeper and allow yourself to experience the rejuvenating warmth of your personal sanctuary, you may be aware that for what ever reason that you have chosen this enlightening setting, perhaps you can allow yourself to become more aware that this extra ordinary paradise, your own personal sanctuary is an extension of your soul. As your powerful and creative subconscious continues to flesh out this wondrous and magical landscape before your very eyes… as it stretches out from your toes relaxing you even deeper… feeling safe and at peace with yourself. And knowing deep down inside that if anyone tries to disturb your inner peace, your inner balance, your inner calm, you simply allow yourself to relax even deeper down into your uplifting sanctuary even more balanced and composed, for yourself, for ever.

As you continue to allow you mind to explore this magical paradise, be aware of how for some mystical reason, you are suddenly aware of how more special you feel. I wonder, as you continue to explore, if you can notice any reason why you are now feeling so much more special. Know that it does not really matter if you can’t find any reason to feel so much more special with every beat of your heart, simply allow this feeling to continue to amplify and continue to wash over you like a warm bath, washing away all of your cares, washing away all of your worries, and allowing your body to relax even deeper.

As you continue to explore this sanctuary and bask its radiant warmth, I wonder if now you are aware of any sounds, beautiful sounds that for some reason… which does not even matter right now allows you to feel incredibly appreciated. And it feels good to be appreciated and loved in this paradise. And you feel appreciated in this world that you created because this world could not exist without you. And although some signs may appear conflicting and contrary, you can allow yourself to relax even more peacefully, feeling safe, feeling confident and feeling strong knowing that this beautiful world that you have created, really does appreciate you. This paradise here on Earth enjoys your presence.

And continuing to relax even deeper now simply allow yourself permission to bask in the magical warmth of this world. Allowing this magical warmth permission to heal your soul and relax your body and ease your mind. And knowing deep, deep inside, that although you feel so special to be loved by this world, you feel even more special when you love yourself in this world. That’s right, you notice this in others as you are aware of this sensation in yourself. Although, you feel so special to be loved by this world, you feel even more special when you love yourself in this world. You feel more balanced and appreciated as you continue to embrace your own warmth.

As you are resting here so peacefully, embracing your own warmth and love, be aware of the natural balance of this world. That’s right, the natural balance of this world. Notice the interaction of all of the splendid creatures. When something is hungry it eats, when it is tired it sleeps. Be aware more and more now of the natural order of the universe, the ebb and flow of the tides, the paths of the planets, the migration of the birds, the changing seasons, and you are resting here feeling special and appreciated be aware of the give and take in the universe and know that it is natural. Give and take is the natural flow of the universe. And to whatever extent that you so desire to live free and confident, be aware that true freedom and true confidence has always come from experiencing the natural ebb and flow, the give and take, the natural balance of the universe.

And if you can imagine yourself physically making the steps to live in balance, you notice how much more you appreciate yourself, taking steps of giving and taking feels special, you can find yourself feeling more confident and strong… and more confidence and strength bring you even more into balance and more balance feels even more peaceful and appreciated… and feeling more peaceful and appreciated of yourself feels even more confident and strong and these feelings continue to spiral and you feel happy because the world is designed for people who find a peaceful balance to feel blissfully happy.

That’s right, the universe is designed for you to feel happy. All you have to do is to allow yourself to behave in accordance with the natural ebb and flow, the give and take of this universe.

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