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Now take a moment if you would to make a survey of your body … I want you to survey your body at this time to see if there is any tension still left in your body … Wherever you might feel tension simply release it … release it by concentrating on it for a moment … and giving it permission … allowing it to let go of its hold on you … that’s right just accept it and allow it to let go … give it permission to let go … give yourself permission to relax completely to allow every bit of your body … anything that might be causing tension or discomfort … just allow it to go away … so that you may enjoy this time that you are selected for yourself to grow … to learn … and at this moment I want you to allow the energy and the love of Mother Earth to fill you … I want to feel the energy from Mother Earth as it comes through the ground almost as if you were a tree you can feel it coming up through the bottom portion of your body as if it were roots of a tree … you can feel the energy of Mother Earth and her love, and balance … Just filling you … going up through the roots … into the trunk … through the main part of your body … nourishing you … touching you … and reaching every point from your toes to your fingertips … all the way to the top of your head … feel that energy of the universe … that wonderful strength and warmth … the energy … feel the sun radiating … Mother Earth as she goes through your body … and as it goes to your entire body allowing to wash away all the tension discomfort … allow Mother Earth to cleanse you … completely leaving you new … feeling a radiant and wonderful feeling … and this healing energy continuing to nourish your body and your mind … allow yourself to imagine and to feel this wonderful energy … permeating throughout your whole body … as you’re sitting and relaxing in your sacred space … you can allow your sacred space to be exactly where you are … or if you prefer someplace else in your mind … just allow yourself to be there … allow yourself to have a sacred space where you are completely relaxed right now … Mother Earth nourishes you … strengthens you … feel her warmth going through your entire body … as you realize you are in a nice safe space … no one can harm you in this space … it’s your place where no one will interrupt you … so just relax in this wonderful spot … take in the beauty that surrounds you … smell the air, the sweet smell of the air … of nature all around you … imagined there is a stream around you … listen to it … hear the birds … hear the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees … this is your sacred spot on Mother Earth … as you take in the nature all around you … 

This is now your time to journey, to meet your spirit animal … otherwise known a your power animal … he or she will soon come here to guide and to protect you, to be your companion … it can be any animal that you feel comfortable with … imagine now that off in the distance you see the silhouette of something moving towards you slowly … you realize that this is your power animal coming towards you … if you wish, you can move closer to meet it … or just allow it to come to you … if you do not feel it right away or cannot discern what kind of animal it is, just be patient and wait for it to come … if you don’t feel right or comfortable with the first animal that comes near you, don’t worry, because another one will come along very shortly to greet you … your power animals coming closer now … you realize that you don’t have to speak, you can communicate with one another just with your thoughts … just having thoughts you can understand each other very easily … so as soon as you feel comfortable now, go ahead and extend all the welcome of friendship to power animal … just with your thoughts … you may want to spend time with your power animal at this time … you might want to go for a walk with him or her or a swim or a flight, whichever it might be … or just relax together, or play with them .. this is your time, take a few moments now to communicate and spend some enjoyable quality time with his spirit animal … take your time until I call you back (pause for about 2 – 3 minutes)

It is now time for you to take your leave, to thank your spirit animal … your power animal, for the time it spent with you, for the knowledge it shared with you … you have a unique relationship now, now that you’ve met, you can invite your spirit animal to come back and meet with you at your sacred place anytime you like … Your spirit animal can also take on different forms and shapes, it can be larger or smaller … it is able to protect you … anytime you might need protection … at this time you can bid your spirit animal farewell … thank them for showing themselves to you, for meeting, for sharing their wisdom … and watch them as they leave … as your power animal leaves you, you can also thank Mother Earth for her time … and for the energy and the warmth … that she shared with you, thank her for her healing and her wonderful powers that she has that she shared with you … take a deep breath, exhale and just relax … contemplate on the experience that you just had.

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