Phobia – Fear of What Other People Think

This works well for those individuals who are excessively sensitive to the opinions and thoughts of others. Use after a long induction, as part of a general confidence and ego boosting session.

… from this day on, you’re going to find your confidence within yourself, your confidence in your abilities and your self belief, becoming steadily stronger… stronger than yesterday… but not as strong as tomorrow… stronger than it was yesterday… but not yet as strong as it will be tomorrow… you’re going to find yourself far less concerned about other peoples’ opinions of you, too… you’ll find you gain a clearer perspective and a better sense of proportion… beginning to recognize and understand…. that whatever other people think or feel is their concern… part of their lives… part of their attitudes… in the past, you might have been sometimes unfairly judged, as we all have been at some time or another… and in the future, too, you might sometimes be misjudged, as we all are… but that misjudgment doesn’t actually change anything… it doesn’t alter the facts… it doesn’t change the real you… if someone misjudges you at some time, that’s simply their own error… their own error of judgment… they’ve simply made a mistake… and you don’t mind allowing people to make mistakes… you don’t mind people being wrong sometimes…. because you know what’s inside yourself… you understand your true integrity your true self… what others imagine they see is simply the product of their own experiences of life… their own attitudes… their own fears and expectations… just their own thoughts… just their thoughts and nothing more than their thoughts… and you’re not responsible for any of those things at all… and it’s worth remembering that nothing that we see or hear, or imagine that we see or hear, can change us… nothing that we perceive in the outside world can hurt us… nor alter us… only acting upon those things can do that… nothing that we see or hear can hurt us or change us… even what I’m saying to you here cannot change you… only reacting to these things can do that… only acting upon the things we see and hear can change us… and we have free choice to decide whether or not to act upon these things… and thinking about things is acting upon them… but we have free choice to decide which things to act upon, which things to react to… and which things to ignore… and the things that you choose to ignore will be a matter of complete indifference to you… the things that you choose to ignore will always remain a matter of complete indifference….

Repeat at least once.