Phobia – Fear of Injections / Needles

by Donald J. Mottin CMI, DNGH, OB

Now as you lie comfortably there with your eyes closed – comfortable and aware that you are here because you want to learn to use your own subconscious abilities to help you to eliminate the anxiety you experience when you visit the doctor’s for an injection. And so, as you begin to relax and to drift down into trance – deeper now – into a deep trance state – I want you to take your time – not go too quickly – yet – because there are some things that you need to first understand – so please listen carefully now.

First you need to understand that you already have the ability to lose an arm – or a hand – to become totally unaware of just where that arm is positioned – or the fingers – and you do have an ability to be unconcerned about exactly where that ear or thumb went – or that hand – that leg – or your entire body – which may seem to require too much effort to pay attention to at times.

Because you do have an ability – a subconscious ability – you can learn to use – an ability to turn off the sensation in an arm – a leg – or even your face – your jaw – your gum – in fact – any place. And once you discover how it feels to feel nothing at all – whenever you want or need that to occur – then you can create a comfortable numb feeling any time – anywhere that is useful for you. And I don’t know if your unconscious mind can allow you to discover that numb feeling in the right hand – or a finger of the left hand first – a tiny area of numbness – a comfortable, tickly feeling – a heavy – enveloping numbness – that seems to spread within time – over the back of the hand – covering that hand – or any part of you that you direct your attention to – it just fades away – but you don’t know how it feels to feel that something that is not there – so I would like you to just reach over to that numb, comfortable area – that numb, comfortable hand – now touch it – and feel that touching – as you begin to pinch yourself there – a sensation that you may be aware of at first – but as you continue to pinch yourself – something special happens here – you begin to experience and discover that there are times when you feel nothing at all there – that sensation just seems to fade away – as you learn how to allow your subconscious mind to do that for you – to turn off those sensations and as that ability grows and you become more aware – that you really do know how – to really turn off that part – really know how to switch off those sensations and allow any feelings in that hand to just disappear from that hand – or from anywhere – your other hand can return to its resting position – and you can drift up towards the surface of wakeful awareness – so go ahead now – as you relax – and discover how to let go – and to re-experience that numbness more and more clearly – and so you can drift up – and then back down – as you learn even more about your own ability – in your own time – in your own way – you can practice this self learning – this ability to do that for you at any time – at any place.

Now – with your eyes closed – you can relax more deeply than before – aware of that new learning – that new ability to switch off that discomfort – you can visualize now as vividly as you can – see yourself at your next visit to the doctor’s surgery – and notice how calm you are feeling as you stand at the receptionist’s desk – in plenty of time for your appointment. You now sit in the waiting area – feeling calm and unconcerned – confident in your ability to control the sensations – you smile at the others who are waiting with you – pleased to be able to allow your own calm and confident manner to soothe the minds of others – as they wait too be called. As you sit there, you practice again your ability to turn off the sensations there – and experience that numbness – as the sensation in the arm fades – that numbness spreading – just as if you were already totally anaesthesatised that woolly, thick feeling of no feeling at all – and you relax experiencing a total, inner calm.

When your turn comes to be called into the surgery – you take a long, deep breath – and as you expel all the air from your lungs – you breathe out anxiety – fear – and then breathe in – calm – confidence – tranquillity. As you sit in the chair, you will experience a comfortable sensation as calm fills your mind – as you relax – concentrating now on that switch that will allow you to experience that sensation of no sensation – as your doctor or nurse gently and carefully carries out the work that needs to be done. And when you roll up your sleeve – ready for the injection – you will be calm and comfortable – but I really don’t want you to giggle when you experience that tickle – and I don’t want you to drift off too deeply into a trance too quickly – as the numbness begins to develop – you will be pleasurably surprised at how calm and relaxed you will become, as your doctor, appreciating your necessary co-operation – completes his work easily – skillfully – you will enjoy being the person who relaxes there in that chair – and allows your subconscious to use that special ability that you have learned.

You are no longer bothered or concerned as you now take control of that fear – and unlearn that fear – seeing it now for exactly what it was – no more imagining in that way that tells you that there are things to fear here – as your subconscious mind takes care of you. And it doesn’t really matter exactly how you tell your subconscious mind what to do or how your subconscious mind does it for you – the only thing of importance is that you know that you can lose those sensations – the discomfort – just as easily as opening your eyes – while you drift in your mind and then return when it’s time – back to wakeful awareness – quite completely now.