Phobia – Fear of Going Places


Start with your favorite induction and a deepener

I would like you to imagine you are preparing for a day out all by yourself in your beautiful new car. You are excited at the idea of a whole day of freedom to please yourself. To go wherever the mood takes you.

You get up early, draw back the curtains, and notice what a lovely sunny day beholds you. The birds are singing and the gentle breeze blows the flowers and the trees. All the other people are rushing off to their place of work, but you have the whole day to do as you please.

You leisurely prepare for your day and when you are ready you stroll down the pathway to your car. As you drive down the road you remember you have to collect some petrol from the local garage. On arriving at your garage you pull on to the forecourt and start to fill your car with petrol. You notice all the other people around you chattering away. You finish filling your car and stroll casually toward the pay out. You glance at the magazines in the shop and treat yourself to some of your favorite chocolate. You feel relaxed and happy and looking forward to your day out. You remember suddenly that you haven’t placed the lottery which you like to do each week. You slowly walk over and select your numbers in the hope of winning your fortune. When you leave the shop you notice the queue of people and are glad you are ready to go on your journey.

As you drive along you notice all the beautiful trees and the flowers and see the rolling hills in the distance. After a while you start to feel hungry. As you turn the corner you notice a lovely old black and white coaching house. Outside on the pavement is a board advertising lunches. You pull off the road, into the car park, and select a space. After a couple of minutes you start to stroll down the path towards the big old oak door with a large black latch. You open the door and there inside is a magnificent room with lots of shiny well polished brasses. This makes you feel very much at home and warm and comfortable. You start to walk over to the bar and order your food. There is such a large selection it is hard to choose what to have for your lunch. After pondering for a while you select a meal and order a long cool drink. You return to your seat by the old brick fireplace with the fire gently flickering, making different pictures on the brasses hanging on the grate. You sit and dream as you gaze into the fire – what a lovely day you are having and you are enjoying the total relaxation of being all by yourself.

After you have enjoyed your meal, feeling very full and very relaxed, you decide it is time to go. You have just remembered it is your sister’s birthday and you need to choose a present for her. You say goodbye to the people dining in the restaurant and the proprietor and thank him for a delightful lunch and say you will call again very soon as you enjoyed it so much.

Back in your car you drive off towards the motorway which takes you to your local departmental store. You enjoy your journey and feel very happy and at one with the world. After a short while you arrive at the store and make your way to the section you require. You notice all the colorful garments and enjoy browsing through them. You stroll from counter to counter enjoying the feeling of freedom and self confidence within yourself. You now find the gift you are looking for and hand this to the assistant who chats merrily away to you commenting on how elegant and smart you look in your new outfit, especially chosen for your special day. You thank the lady and meander back through the store until you are outside and back in your car.

You are feeling very relaxed but a little tired now and decide to make your way home. As you are driving home you recall the peacefully, relaxed day which you have enjoyed and are feeling very happy and confident and very proud of yourself.

Now you have made this journey, on your own, in your mind, you are mentally prepared for when you make this same journey in reality. When you do, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to feel so calm, relaxed all the time. You will feel so proud of yourself each and every time you make this or similar journeys. You will feel happy, calm, confident and relaxed and wonder why you didn’t do it long ago.

(Included / Suggested Termination)

In a moment I am going to count up to five and at the count of five you will be wide awake with the beautiful feelings flowing through your body, calm and peaceful thoughts flowing through your mind.

One, two, three, four five.