Consulting the Akashic Records

©2002 by Craig R. Lang

The following is a generic script which I adapt to help people to access their inner creativity.  This particular script uses the metaphor of accessing the Akashic Records.  I have found it to be useful imagery to invoke one’s own inner oracle. 


Finding or returning to your own special place of relaxation, beginning to settle in – enjoying the comfort of this special place,

I invite you to sit or lay back and relax as you begin to settle into a pleasant relaxing hypnotic trance…

Taking a deep breath, hold it, let it slowly go, as it takes away with it the cares of the day.

And taking another deep breath, hold it… and let it slowly go.

And another time, breathing in, hold it, and let it go – carrying away the tensions, stresses and cares of the day.

Feeling yourself settling deeper into the place where you are sitting or lying, you can imagine your upper eyelids gently resting against your lower eyelids – relaxing deeply now…  

…And you can find yourself drifting into a very deep, pleasant state of trance.

As you relax deeply now, you find this same deep gentle relaxation, arising within your body, beginning from below, and rising up until you become more and more relaxed.


<Progressive relaxation – feet to shoulders, arms to finger tips, shoulders to crown or another form of deepening>


Entering the Hall of Awareness

You continue to walk down your path, noting the beauty of this place

You see the joy and the wonder here. 

And in distance, see an entry way that leads to a special place

Approach it and observe what it looks like.

As you come closer, you see that it opens into some kind of room/hallway

Before entering, you know that you can ask for any guidance, wisdom or protection that you might find appropriate at this time.

You look around, and see that this place is so very interesting. 

As you begin to step into the room, you notice that there are stairs

You can see whether they go up or go down in a way that is special for you,

And you know that these stairs will take you deeper – take you into that special place where you will learn, experience and understand.

As you enter the stairs, following them to their end, you note ahead of you that there is a door.

This is a special door that leads to your answers.

You again pause to note the detail.  What it is made of.  Its features, How it opens

You find that it opens, and allows you to step through

As you step through, you can see around you in this place.

You note what is here. 

You note what is nearby, what is in the distance, where things are, the tiny details

See/Observe/Sense the importance of this place

Perhaps this place is one which others have been

Perhaps Edgar Cayce or other seers

Perhaps others have been here at one time

Or perhaps you are the first one to ever have entered this magical place of higher awareness


In The Akashic Hall

You look around this place, studying it even further.

You realize, or maybe you already knew, that this place is that place of higher awareness, the hall of understanding, which you have been seeking.

There is information here

Maybe a guide, maybe books, videos, computers, crystal balls, or any other means of learning

They are here for you to absorb that information which is most meaningful to you

It may be something that you wish to see, or study.

It may be some new ability which you wish to learn.

Or it may be another gift which is so appropriate for you

You look around you, and select the most important thing of knowledge

Perhaps a book, or perhaps another means of learning

See this medium in front of you – observe its exterior

Open or otherwise access it – observe its interior

There is knowledge here – important knowledge that’s just right for you

Can absorb it; learn what is to be learned

Looking further, you can find anything else important to you. 

Again opening it, learning from it,

Feeling it fill you with wisdom

Perhaps it imparts you with a gift, a healing ability

 … Or perhaps with knowledge you never realized

 … Perhaps a gift that is new – or perhaps one you already had

With this medium – what ever, and how ever many you may choose

You can feel the sense of knowing that comes with your opening of the channel

Feel the inner growth, the inner certainty that comes from being in touch with this medium

Know that you have the vision to see, the openness to hear, the sensitivity to feel.

Allow this knowledge to fill you, opening you to that of which you wish to learn

Allow the insights, the healing that you seek to come to you in its own way, at its own time.

It may come now, or it may come later – in the way that is best for you.

Feel your connection with that other realm.


Returning from the Hall

You find that you can learn what your subconscious seeks here in this place.

You spend a moment more with that one final medium of knowledge

Returning it to its place

With respect and thanks

Honoring those who came before, and those who may come after, as appropriate for you

Closing it, placing it back in the proper place,

With knowledge of the gifts you have received, turn from it and look around at this magical place.

Once again notice more of what there is to see.

Mark in your mind the location of all that is important to you, so you can come back here at some future time.

Turning from this place, exiting, and returning

Exiting, returning, arriving…

Returning to the outside world – the world of conscious awareness


Count Out

Now, after your wonderful journey, you find that you are ready to return to full conscious awareness.

And on the count of five, you find that you will emerge from trance, refreshed, relaxed and aware:

1-    Beginning to emerge, bringing with you the special gifts of your journey

2-    A little more out of trance – Becoming aware of sounds in the background

3-    Half way out of trance –feeling the air on your face, the sense of your surroundings

4-    Almost all the way out of trance, bringing with you the special gifts from your journey.

5-    Opening your eyes, refreshed relaxed and aware – perhaps feeling better, wiser and more enlightened than you may have felt in a long, long time.