Self Hypnosis – Script (& Induction for Weight Reduction)

by Geoffrey Knight


In order to get the best possible recording use these tips:

  • Take plenty of time
  • Speak slowly, for example say the word “slowly” as though it is spelt “slooooowleeee”
  • Try to lower your voice by half a tone, make it a little deeper than your normal speech
  • Leave plenty of pauses between each phrase
  • Pauses gives the unconscious mind a chance to deepen the relaxation and for the conscious mind to become bored and drift off (a good sign of hypnosis)
  • When you see the dots….., this implies that you should leave a space of about 2-3 seconds
  • For a new paragraph, leave a silent space of 5 – 10 seconds
  • Add your own positive affirmations in the script wherever you can.
  • If you want, add your own music


Make sure you are sitting no limbs crossed…. 

Take a deep breath in through your it as long as you out through your mouth, and say to your self, ‘relax’….. 

Take another deep breath, and hold it as long as you while exhaling say to yourself the word, ‘relax’…. 

Now become more aware of your any tension in your the muscles in your face to become limp and relaxed…. Relax your any tension remaining in this part of the gently your muscles very …and relaxed….

Allow this feeling of relaxation and comfort to flow slowly downwards through your the way from your head down to your your shoulders, then your arms and then your legs go limp and relaxed….

Now focus your awareness on your you can see the air going in and out as you you can see it in color…. as it goes in through your to your throat and into your then out as though the air is doing all the air is breathing you are breathing in pure healthy time you are taking in from the Universe all you time you exhale you are releasing all that you do not time you exhale you are releasing any tension in your are now able to energize yourself whenever you just feel yourself breathing in it circulating through your blood every cell in your cell in your body is functioning in a rhythmic healthy manner…


Now imagine you are standing at the top of a wonderful white marble staircase with marble balustrades on either are going to walk down this marble staircase by counting one down to each step you take you will say to yourself inwardly and silently the words ‘deeper relaxed’….now imagine putting your right hand on the right hand this cool smooth you right hand on the balustrade as you go down the stairway….. here we , deeper , deeper …feel a warm summer breeze on your cheeks as you walk down …… step you take you feel yourself going deeper and deeper….. totally …


Now imagine taking six paces forward, and stepping into a garden of your own garden which is a special place to you feel safe and totally garden which you might have visited when you were a child …….or a garden which you invent in your mind it’s is the height of summer and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your are tall trees with green leaves and you can hear the birds singing in the branches… 

Move through your your shoes off and walk along the beautiful cut the soft dewy grass beneath your across to the large herbaceous borders full of wonderful and colorful flowers in just beyond is a large bed of roses all in down and smell the fragrance of you favorite rose…. 

And then you come across a small mountain stream with babbling clear summer down besides the your them with the clear and cool summer take it to your lips …………………and now go over to a comfortable canvas ‘Directors’ chair by the down and give yourself a few moments to look around the garden of you your mind and body to drift deeper and deeper into the wonderful hypnotic state….


Now imagine getting up from you comfortable chair and going into your power is you inner secret place which only you can find – in the garden of your one enters here except by invitation from is a very special place which might be behind a tall brick garden you enter through a special green door which only you can it could be hidden by a tall yew hedge or whatever your imagination enter now, enter your power here your power spot represents or looks like some wonderful place you childhood or of recent place which holds happy memories for place where you can relax completely, so allow your self to sit or lie down on something really comfortable….


In this deep relaxed state you can enter the depths of your unconscious bring about any changes you that will be for your benefit and have a lasting influence on your belief systems and your day-to-day is the place you can access all the belief systems that in the past and now govern your very is the place you can heal ask for help from friends or relatives or divine ask in some historical figure, like Franklin D Roosevelt, or Churchill or Mahatma them your problem and seek their this personal power spot and take a few moments so that your unconscious mind can dwell here and embrace the power of the mind…….

And when you are in your own yourself back into the room and open your feel fresh and relaxed from the deep rest you have your eyes are bathed in cool mountain clear is awakening you and making you feel open your have a good stretch.


Note of safety

On completion of the recording you have a Self-hypnosis tape. It instructs you to close your eyes. Do not play it when you are driving, operating machinery or at any other time when you full attention is required. It is always better to visit a hypnotherapist for your first self hypnosis session and then try any scripts at this site. You use these scripts on the understanding that you and you alone accept solely responsibility for their use and any effects indirectly or direct there from.