Self-Hypnosis – Advanced Brief Routine

Once you have practised the ‘simple’ self hypnosis routine for a couple of weeks you should be ready to proceed to this brief version of traditional self-hypnosis. There are of course many variations of this script, however, this is one of the most widely effective forms.

Stage 1: Prepare
1. Sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed and feet flat on the floor, hands separated and resting upon your lap.
2. Pause long enough to settle down.
3. Want to relax, intend to relax, mean to relax, and think only of relaxation throughout this exercise.

Stage 2: Trigger Self-Hypnosis
1. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds until you are aware of the tension in your chest.
2. Repeat the words “Sleep Now” in your mind, firmly and with intention, as you begin to exhale slowly. Act as though letting out a deep sigh as your body slumps down in the chair like a limp rag doll. (Repeat these steps 1 & 2 three times.)
3. Pause long enough to settle down further.

Stage 3: Deepen Self-Hypnosis
1. Begin counting slowly back in your mind from ten down to zero, thinking only of deepening relaxation as you do so. (The numbers are just used to bridge the mental gap, and break the relaxation process down into manageable stages.)
2. Pause long enough to settle down even further.

Stage 4: Positive Suggestion
1. Repeat an affirmation, such as “Real confidence grows within me…”, many times in your mind. As you do so absorb your attention in the meaning of the words. Assume a relaxed and accepting attitude, and a firm but encouraging tone of voice.
2. Pause long enough to settle down into a sense of completion.

Hypnotic Termination
1. Tell yourself your eyelids will flutter open on the count of five.
2. Count from one to five, assume a powerful and energetic tone as you begin to breathe more deeply.
3. Open your eyes and look for constructive ways to act upon your positive feelings.

© Donald Robertson (2000)