Dave Elman – Deepening (& Rapid Induction)

(Note: While this deepening is used with the Dave Elman Rapid induction, it can also be used after any suitable induction.)


Now the body’s relaxed… so let’s get the mind relaxed, that’s really what we want to do. When your mind’s relaxed you really can achieve anything you can think of, within certain restrictions of course. In a moment I’ll ask you to slowly begin counting out loud, backwards, starting with the number 100.

After each number, simply say the words, ‘deeper relaxed’. After each number double your mental relaxation, let your mind grow twice as calm and still and serene. Now if you do this, you’ll discover by the time you just say a couple numbers, doesn’t take long, you’ve relaxed your mind so beautifully and so completely, you’ve actually relaxed all the rest of the numbers out.

Want that… And you can have it quickly.

Slowly begin counting out loud, backwards, starting with the number 100. Saying the words, deeper relaxed… And relax those numbers right out of your mind.

“100 deeper relaxed”

That’s good.

“99 deeper relaxed”

That’s fine.

“98 deeper relaxed.”

Now you can let those numbers grow dim and distant, they’re not important.

“97 deeper relaxed.”

And when you’re ready just push them out.

“96 deeper relaxed.”

Now push them on out, just tell them to leave and they will go. Just let them go… And let them be gone.

…Numbers all gone ?


[Or, continue until yes is the reply]